Sociology Of Education Principles And Practice In Education

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by Prof. Isaac Njuguna Kimengi (Author) : ISBN Number : 9781631025136

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Prof. Isaac Njuguna Kimengi

Prof. Isaac Njuguna Kimengi is an Associate Professor in Sociology of Education in the Department of Educational Foundations at Moi University. He was born in October 1954 and went to school at Marula Primary School. He received secondary education at Kapsabet Boys High School (“O” Level) and Mangu High School (“A” Level). He is a holder of B.Ed (Science), First Class Honours (Nairobi University); M.A (Ed) (Nairobi University) and Ph.D (Kenyatta University). Prof. Kimengi started university teaching in 1986 at Kenyatta University and later moved to Moi University in 1987. He has published extensively in International refereed journals and supervised several Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy students. He has also co-authored one book. Prof. Kimengi has served in various senior positions at Moi University: Head, Department of Educational Foundations; Head, Teaching Practice Unit; Dean, School of Education; Director, Academic Programmes and Ag. Principal at Odera Akango Campus College. Currently serving as Director, Jomo Kenyatta Foundation and Coordinator, Mama Ngina Kenyatta University College (A constituent College of Moi University). He is also a university external examiner.

This book covers typical issues in the area of Sociology of Education. It is intended for Education students at University level and to some extent to those who are pursuing Education courses in Teacher Training Institutions. The author makes an attempt to introduce the student first to the broad area of Sociology and other social sciences. The contributions of various scholars on the discipline of sociology are cited. This is covered by chapters one and two. Chapters three, four and five examine several methodological issues in the field of sociology. Chapters six, seven and eight discusses the development of the discipline of Sociology of Education and related issues in Education.Critical examination of sociological theories and their impact on Education is presented. Chapter nine focuses on consensus and conflict theories and look at their relevance to the understanding of Educational Phenomenon. Further the chapter examines the symbolic interactionism, evolutionary and diffusionary theories respectively. Chapter ten provides a discussion on Education and the issues involved in the process of cultural transmission. Chapter eleven covers topical issues on socialization process and factors affecting socialization. Chapter thirteen explores social mobility and social class. Chapter fourteen explains the effect of education on social stratification and Horizontal integration. The final chapter discusses formal and informal social organizations and the role of the teacher in the context of school and community