Some Elements Of Fluid Mechanics

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by Dr. Alfred W. Manyonge(Author)

ISBN Number: 9781630429447

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Alfred W. Manyonge

Holds a Ph.D Studied Applied Mathematics at the University of Nairobi, Kenya and Geothermal Energy Studies at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. He is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics at Maseno University, Kenya and is also the author of a graduate book titled Introduction to Fluid Dynamics-a theoretical approach

Chapter one of this book describes introductory fluid mechanics that include general properties of fluids, continuum model and description of fluid motion. In chapter two, a review of fluid statics is made including a section on curvilinear coordinates that assist in the analysis of flow equations. Chapter three introduces fluid kinematics. Chapter four reviews conservation laws which include derivations of: continuity, momentum and energy equations. Chapter five introduces the idea of vorticity and circulation in fluids. Chapter six: reviews incompressible fluids. Chapter seven introduces complex potential theory. In chapter eight we study some aspects of viscous fluid flow and finally in chapter nine there is a footnote on dimensional analysis. A number of worked examples appear in the book to assist readers grasp the concepts. At the end of each chapter, there is a set of problems that serve as exercises to the reader. The author is indebted to colleague Joseph O. Ondik and students for their useful comments on the lectures upon which this book is based. I want to thank colleague Paul O. Oleche for his invaluable assistance during the preparation of this book.