Some Meir – Keeler And Integral Type Fixed Point Theorems In Dislocated Metric Space

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by Dr. Dinesh Panthi(Author)

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Dr. Dinesh Panthi
Dr. Dinesh Panthi, (Ph.D. from Kathmandu University, Nepal in 2013)
Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Valmeeki Campus, Nepal
Sanskrit University, Nepal. Dr. Panthi has published more than three dozen
research articles in various reputed journals in the field of fixed point theory
and its applications. Major research works are in the field of Dislocated
Metric Space and Dislocated Quasi Metric Spaces

Dislocated metric space differs from metric space for a property that self-distance of a point need not be equal to zero. This property plays an important role to deal with the problems of various disciplines to obtain fixed-point results. In this research book, we establish some common fixed-point theorems for two pairs with compatibility and reciprocal continuity of mappings satisfying Meir – Keeler type contractive conditions. In addition, some common fixed-point theorems of integral type satisfying E. A. and common limit range property for single pair and two pairs of mappings have been established. Our results generalize and extend some similar fixed-point results in literature in the setting of dislocated metric space.