The Role Of Employee Engagement And Hr Initiatives A Study On Public Sector Undertakings

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Technical Consultant, Department of School and Mass Education, Govt. of Odisha.


Professor, Department of Business Administration, Berhampur University, Bhanja Bihar, Berhampur-760007,Odisha, India

In the present competitive world businesses are making the best of their efforts to increase their performance and be ahead of their competitors. The demand for advancement of the business also brings challenges on the HR front. The business now needs to have employees with knowledge and skills to have competitive advantage. In the present scenario employees need to have more autonomy at work, job satisfaction and feeling of belongingness. This book is based on HR study. Please go through details about this book in following chapters. Chapter–I: Introduction The first chapter deals with the objective and the relevance of study with a brief introduction to the study. It also deals with the formulation of hypothesis adopted for the purpose of the study. Chapter � II: Review of Literature This chapter does the review of literature so as to know the background to make the study more appropriate and relevant. Chapter � III: Employee Engagement– Meaning, Factors and Importance This will focus on finding out the true meaning of employee engagement and describing the drivers of employee engagement. Chapter � IV: The Public Sector Undertakings in Odisha This chapter will highlight on Public Sector Undertakings i.e. the sample units. Chapter � V: Analysis of the Study The fifth chapter will be the analysis chapter. This will be done by tabulating the data collected using the questionnaires to find the factors of employee engagement, and the existing practices. Further, it will aim at pointing out the importance that is associated with employee engagement with relation to performance of the organization. Chapter � VI: Hypothesis Testing The hypothesis proposed will be tested using the statistical tools to bring out the results of the study. Chapter � VII: Findings and Suggestions This chapter being the concluding chapter will bring together the finding of thestudy with the help of which the formulated hypothesis has been tested and few suggestions are offered along with summaries of all the chapters.