Traditional Sports And Martial Arts Of North Eastern Tribals Of India

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by Dr. Soraisam Ranjit Singh(Author),Dr. Nongmaithem Sunderlal Singh(Author)

ISBN Number :  978- 1- 73032 – 270 -9

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Dr. Soraisam Ranjit Singh

Associate professor in Department of Physical Education

Dr. Nongmaithem Sunderlal Singh

Physical education Lecturer in Department of Teachers Education, Manipur University, Manipur

India is known to the world for her rich cultural heritage. Culture is defined as mosaic comprising the whole of humankind’s learned and expected activities including ideals, knowledge, beliefs, laws, morals, traditions, art and habits as well as all invented materialistic things like tools, building, computer, and all technology1. Culture differs from social organization because culture represents transmitable behavior patterns of living norms and standards whereas social organization deals with the concrete behavior of the people themselves. A social too, differs from a culture. A society is a collection of people with a common identification. It can function only because of certain codes of conduct which it formulated for itself. These formulated codes and rules become the guiding cultural forces of that society.2