Training And Developement

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by Dr. S. Sekar(Author),Ms. A. Kamatchi(Author)

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Dr. S. Sekar

Assistant Professor In Government Arts College

Ms. A. Kamatchi

Assistant Professor,

An organization is as good as its people. If an organization is good, its people enjoy the fruits. The people is the organization, whether they are belonging to any category, level, cannot disown the responsibility of making it good or bad. Just like physiological growth of human body, all parts are required to be healthy, in an organization. In the Long run, its results into everybody′s responsibility as unconscious or subconscious weakening of the organization through lack of farsightedness or achievement of short term objectives which often might be, at times, contrary to the organization′s sound health; we are actually making ourselves weaker. We are part and parcel of the organization′s culture which we ourselves develop through our own approach towards fellow workers and officers or in to, through our approach to the organization and the management. New skills may be required to be learned as the organizations grow and move towards higher sophistication and productivity. On the other hand, obsolescence of human and technical skills is another area which is to be taken care of. As the role of staff changes with time and position suitable orientation of their thinking attitude and skill should be given top priority.