Trying to Make Sense

Trying to Make Sense – A Doctor’s Perspective in 55 Essays

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by  Abdulla Al Sayyari

ISBN Number : 978 – 93- 88672 – 03 – 0

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Abdulla Al Sayyari

MBA, BSc (Lon), MBBS (Lon), MD (Lon), MRCP (UK), FRCP (Lon), FRCP
(Edin), FACP

In my youth and young age, I spent many years as a student in England. I was
fascinated by the richness and contents of the British TV, which I often watched,
mainly at weekends. Among those whom I often watched, were well known
entertainers with widespread followings. There was Jimmy Savile, the disk
jockey who presented the well-known weekly program “Top of the Pop,” Stuart
Hall, who was a famous football commentator and who fronted many game and
sport shows. Then there was Rolf Harris, the children’s entertainer who sang,
danced and drew for spellbound children to their amazement and fascination. I
must say I always warmed up to and enjoyed Rolf Harris’s programs. He was
entertaining and quick with witty and interesting comments.