Women Empowerment Process Through Self Help Groups: A Study With Social Work Perspective

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by Dr.Rashmi Rani Agnihotri H.R(Author)

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Dr.Rashmi Rani Agnihotri H.R

Post Doctorol Fellow (PDF) Dept. of Studies and Research In Social Work, Gulbarga University, Post Graduation Centre, Raichur. (karnataka) 1

Self Help Group intervention is well organized all over the world as an effective tool for poverty alleviation and improving socio – economic status of the poor and marginalized. In India too Self Help Group is making head way in its effort for reducing poverty and empowering women. This concept is the brain child of Mohammad Yunus of Bangladesh and has brought a revolutionary change in the field of development. Further, this has become an important part of micro finance. Micro finance through the network of NABARD and NGOs have been largely supply driven and a recent approach (Action Aid, 1995). Micro finance other than banks, are engaged in the provision of financial services to the poor.