Workplace Spirituality And Employee Work Attitudes A Study

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by Pintu Mahakul(Author),Satyanarayan Pathi(Author)

ISBN Number : 978- 1-63042-507-4

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Pintu Mahakul

Post-Doctoral (D.Litt.) Scholar, Department of Business Administartion Berhampur University, Bhanja Bihar, Berhampur-760007, Odisha, Iindia

Satyanarayan Pathi

Professor, Department of Business Administartion Berhampur University, Bhanja Bihar, Berhampur-760007, Odisha, Iindia

This is the age of globalization. At this time period many complexities are arising and human values are gradually going down. Due to cut throat competition many structural changes are observed in modern society and business. Growth of materialism has motivated human minds in such a way that in competition many persons are forgetting about ethics and values. Modern employees are not also away from such competition. In certain cases common people observe that negative attitudes, arrogance and bad behaviours of employees hurt them in workplace. In organizations, unnecessary politics and conflicts are also seen. Increasing rate of fraud or scam, increasing violence in many forms, harassment in workplaces are gradually observed in increasing order at the rate. In many organizations gradual diminishing of morality and ethics is also observed which reflects the growth of negative attitudes of employees. Although many laws are implemented by authority and government still these have not able to completely prevent such down fall of humanity. That is why at this time there is necessity of spirituality in workplace to up lift human values and ethics. Through spirituality, employees and people can be in well awareness. Realizing this very deeply this study is brought forward. Gurreror and Sire, (2000), say that if workers or employees have negative attitudes for their works or performances, such consequences create problems in proposed or allotted job design and such matter fixes to definite failure and hampers a lot in achieving organizational goal. Zohar and Marshall (2004) state that with chief priority, corporate life is related to making money. But human beings are essentially spiritual beings and they are above matters and money. Human beings definitely define work as the pursuit. Krahnke, Giacalone, Jurkiewicz, (2003), state that people work by hearts from inner spirits along with hands while they work in workplace. Works are not restricted to hands only as performances. Working from inner spirit they find meaning and purpose and kind of fulfilment to their wishes with respect to workplace.