Cosmic Plants As Alternative Medicine (As special reference to Phyto-chemicals)

by Dr Sneh Harshinder Sharma
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ISBN Number : 9781630412463

Dr Sneh Harshinder Sharma

Dr.Sneh Harshinder Sharma holds three masters' degree in Art, Science & Management. She is PHD in Hindi. M.Sc in Envrionment & Ecology, whereas MBA in Medicinal Plants. Her research work is frequently featured in National & International Journals of repute. She has to her credit many book publications such as alternate medicine, poems, mythology to social issues like the Traffic police personnel health concern in Chandigarh to name a few. Dr. Sneh Harshinder Sharma believes in Herself & Almighty. Time (Vakt) & Nature are her great friend, Philosopher & Guide. working as Associate Professor in PGGC-46, Chandigadh


Book Overview

As every person should know ones blood group, it helps one to know better about oneself, clinically. Similarly, every person took birth during the time phase of any one Nakshatra out of 27 nakshatras astrologically. Every Nakshatra is represented by a Cosmic tree, In the present work an effort has been made to give and exposition of important aspects of this health science in brief. I am extremely grateful to the contributors of this thesis for their cooperation extended to me. This project could be organized only due to kind patronage, encouragement and advice of Prof. R.C. Sobti (V.C.) Panjab University, Chandigarh to whom I am greatly indebted. I am thankful to him for his valuable advice and helping me in every possible way regarding every aspect I would like to show my gratitude to Dr Vibin Sobti and my friends, Dr. Aastha Sobti, Mrs. Manisha Gaur, Mr. Pawan Gaur, Ms. Isha Khurana, Dr. Ramandeep, Mrs. Vandana without their cooperation this project was not possible for their regular support throughout the period of compiling and manuscript of this thesis. I would like to extend my sincere thanks and regards to my father Dr. Sudhakar Pandey and my humble brother and friend Dr. J.K. Sehgal, (Jagdish Bhaiya) Who help me to select this difficult topic They helped me at every step. So all credit goes to both of them