Introduction to Industrial Unit Operation and Unit Process

by Dr. Pushpanjali Singh
₹ 550
ISBN Number : 9781630402396

Dr. Pushpanjali Singh

Dr. Pushpanjali Singh, obtained her postgraduate degree in Industrial Chemistry from Kanpur University and completed her Ph.D from the same university. Since 2006, she is actively engaged in the field of Chemical Kinetics and Applied Chemistry. Since 2009 she is working, as Assistant professor in Ethiopia. She has more than fourteen published paper in National and International Journals.


Book Overview

This book includes an introductory account of chemical industries and industrial chemistry, knowledge of basic unit operations like– distillation, evaporation, crystallization, drying, extraction etc, and unit processes like– alkylation, amination, ammoxidation, calcinations etc. applied in various chemical industries. This book also explains the application of the computer to the chemical industries . This book thus presents an exhaustive and integrated exposition of various dimensions of unit operation and unit process applied in various chemical industries. The book would serve as an extremely useful text for not only for chemical engineering students but also for students and researchers involved in this